Solo Female Travel in Mexico: Is It Safe?

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Immediately you announce that you are traveling or planning a trip to Mexico, your parents, co-workers or even relatives will say, “You know what, that country is not safe.” You will always get mixed reactions. “You are going to Mexico?” with a tone of disapproval. They always claim to care about your safety. These questions and conversations may leave in you wondering especially if the person is someone you love and respect for that matter.

Many may think that you are crazy for traveling to Mexico solo, alluding to their perception of the country as a dangerous place to be for solo female travelers. Some may tell you shocking sentiments you need not hear or listen to like“I hope you come back alive.” Such words may bring some coldness to your body. “What if you get kidnapped or even murdered?”.

Listen to the Right People

All these questions of concern must be there but always consider the source first.  Considering the source is one of the top safety tips for solo female traveling to Mexico. Different people have got their point of view about Mexico, and each of them concludes differently.

Before taking travel advice from someone, always ask yourself the following questions:

  •    Do they travel?
  •    Do they travel in your style? Because I believe that you have got a style.
  •     Have they been to the same destination most recently?

These questions will help you know what is ahead of you.

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In Mexico, there are caravans of immigrants, but that is not an issue for you and not a safety issue for anyone. If you stick to the tourist trail, you likely won’t see any immigrants, and your chance of seeing a caravan is almost zero. In case you see one, they won’t be interested in you.

Drug cartels are in Mexico, but as long as you are not going to Mexico for the purpose of drug trafficking, you are not going to get involved in that. Those who deal with drugs do not do it at the tourist centers. Getting kidnapped cartels is rare in Mexico and always when they kidnap they need ransom which will be hard to get.

All About Mexico

Rapists are everywhere, and so they can’t miss in Mexico. About 99% of women are raped by men they already know.

Tragedies do happen to travelers in Mexico, but they are rare. A woman will occasionally be harmed or die while travelling around Mexico from a car accident, poisoning or drowning which are sporadic incidents just as they are rare in your home country.

Mexico is a large country, so it does not mean that when something wrong happens somewhere in Mexico, it will affect your trip. When you hear warnings like shooting in Chicago or earthquake in Lost Angeles, is the only time when you should not go to certain areas.

Always dress to blend in with the Mexican women. Your goal should not be to pass as a Mexican but to look like you are a long-time resident, not a tourist. This too much noise may block your eardrum.

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What You Need to Worry About in Mexico

Water Safety and Noise

If you are not used to the quality of drinking water from Mexico, this may lead to illness. In this case, you can drink bottled water or sterilize it yourself. Church services play music into the night. Trucks drive down with loudspeakers blasting advertisement and bus playing movies or music at the top volume.