Should Solo Women Travelers Pretend To Be Married?

Pros and Cons of Pretending To Be Married While Traveling

this image show solo woman traveler

Marriage is a lifetime decision you need to make. Being married does not mean that whenever you travel you hold your husband’s hands. The wedding rings, when put on, can tell that you are married. On the internet, it has been known that whenever women travel, they wear fake wedding rings. This is to show off that they are married instead they are not.

Not Relevant

In my opinion, women should or should not pretend to be married, I will tell you they should not. This is because it doesn’t bring any difference at all. The question should always be, can pretend to be married keep you safe? Some people even pretend by saying that their husband is coming to pick them. Some say they will meet them to get out of a long discussion. Most of the time this is meaningless.

Varying Cultural Implications

Solo traveling women should not pretend to be married or wear fake wedding rings. For instance, in some countries being married is respected. Consequently, solo women travel is considered inappropriate. A fake wedding ring won’t help you because everyone is going to think that something is wrong with you if a man is not accompanying you. You can hang out with a male friend instead of walking with a fake wedding ring.

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Hinders Potential Relationships

Faking your marital status can potentially damage your potential relationships. Complications may arise in situations, especially when you end up telling him yes when you are not. What happens when you become best of friends, and in the process, love starts to develop, how will you tell the person that it was a made-up story? Some people may understand you; others may say you are dishonest or they may feel offended that you did not trust them in the first place. You may end up damaging these relationships or missing out on them entirely.

this woman traveller shows cons of pretending to be married while traveling alone

Ineffective in Keeping Guys Away

Pretending that you are married will not stop men from coming to you or even if you tell them you have got a boyfriend. They will still hit on you since in some countries this say of boyfriend is not in their language. If it is a must you pretend to be married do it with people that you feel uncomfortable when around you, and especially to people you know you wouldn’t want to be friends with and who you won’t be seeing again after the trip?

Men always are a challenge and so you need to be smart, be aware and do not let others buy you a drink. Don’t be paranoid because it will take the fun out of meeting people.  

Prevents Unwanted Attention

On the other hand, pretending to be married can work to prevent unwanted attention, if you want a monogamous view of marriage. It may also shut down some romantic advances. In some occasions, wedding rings may be of great help because it will stop a few men who would have hit on you if they thought you were single.