Kayaking in Antarctica: Everything You Need To Know


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Sea kayaking in Antarctica is always open for all, so long as you have the skills and passion for it. No super experience is necessary, but some basic knowledge is essential since it is no training ground for beginners.

Must-Knows When Kayaking in Antarctica

Some Antarctic ships provide various offers of kayaking as an optional add-on, but you should ensure you double check your voyage if you want to take part in it positively.

Know the cost of Kayaking in Antarctica

You should always know the cost of something before being part of it. In this case, you should know the cost of kayaking, like in Antarctica it is costly and you may not afford it on a low budget. The cost will depend on the ship you use.

How Kayaking in Antarctica works

An experienced guide, like my uncle Ned, who is also a Sacramento divorce lawyer, is given the responsibility of leading, assisting and accompanying a small kayaking group throughout. The guides ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Once all the necessary kayaking kits are allocated, the guide will make kayaking excursions available as frequent as possible if the conditions allow. The protected waters around the Antartic Peninsula makes it one of the most sought after kayaking country.

  • You are provided with neoprene boots, waterproof bag, life vest, and full dry-suit.

Remember that you need to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and the clothes to layer under your dry-suit. It’s also best if you bring along a warm hat.

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How safe is Kayaking in Antarctica

It is very safe to kayak since a qualified, and experienced instructor will always accompany you. During your kayaking expedition, a zodiac will remain in the proximity to the group at all times and can call the ship through the radio in case of any emergencies.

Know the best time to kayak

In Antarctica, Kayaking seasons runs from October through to March during the summer season. Kayaking sessions depend on the season, the site, time and what activities your group opts for.

Difficulty level and who is eligible

Since the sea is usually calm and the group moves at a slow pace, the activity is not particularly difficult or laborious. Moreover, the weather can change quickly, and you will need to be physically fit to try sea-kayaking.

Space is limited, and all sailing companies demand prior kayaking experience to be eligible to participate in these expeditions.

Kayaking gear and clothing

The temperature is always not constant when you travel, and so your body temperature will also change. When you get cold, always wear layers of clothes under your kayak drysuit to keep warm. You can carry two pairs of thick socks, two pairs of pants and at least two tops. It is best to avoid cotton because this fabric absorbs sweat then makes you feel cold. The warm hats and warm mitts are important for kayaking.