Best Things To Do in Harlem, New York City Guide

You can’t travel to a place and fail to know what are the best things included in the culture. You will always be eager to know what people do here. Also, how they carry out themselves. And, of course, visit their best structures you have only heard of or seen on television. To have the spirit of an adventurer is really of good importance as you won’t stay idle waiting to be told that you know this country is like this and this.

Things To Do Best in Harlem

  1.    Go on food and culture tour

When you get to Harlem, the first thing you should do is to take a brief tour of food and culture. When you take this tour, you will get to know their culture and history and also enjoy yummy bites along the way. You’ll get to visit the best restaurants and historic sites along the way. Your trip should not be complete without a stop at Harlem’s many   Museums.

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  1.    Try soul food

This is American cuisine. Visit Sylvia’s Restaurant to get the best soul food you have never tasted.

  1.    Attend a church service

In everything, you need to give glory to God and say thanks to him for the safe journey to Harlem. Attend a church service at Abyssinian Baptist Church which is known to be against racial inequality and striving for social justice. Go there and listen to the sermon and start your day with the glory of God.

  1.    Listen to some jazz

You are guaranteed to feel bored but here is a place that can remove the boredom from you. Visit the smoky jazz club and listen to the songs. Minton’s is a jazz icon in Harlem, so you should visit it to do away with the boredom.

  1.    Discover the best architecture

Not only is Harlem home to beautiful churches but it is also home to the most beautiful streets. Check the unique yellow-brown and green homes of Sylvan Terrace and at the end of the street is the Morris-Jumel Mansion, the oldest house in Manhattan which you ought also to see.

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  1.   Check out the Hamilton Grange

Probably you have heard of the name Alexander Hamilton who built a house and named it after himself. You’d never want to miss to see and know about. The ground floor tells the history of Hamilton’s life, and in case you haven’t seen a movie, there you go again, a movie is played of his living legacy

  1.    Have an unforgettable night

People will always want to remember that such and such a time I was somewhere doing this and this as I travel. Before you leave back to your home country visit the shrine to have some live music with a lot of performers from Africa.

  1.    Purpose to see a show

The Apollos Theater is a must-visit for every Harlem visitor.