What To Wear in Antarctica: Packing List For Women

this image shows what to wear and pack in antartica

It is the summer season, and you feel like this time Antarctica is the place to be. Before you set out on this valuable journey to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, you have to prepare. There are a few tips for ensuring a perfect time out there. In an icy continent like Antarctica, your body will need to be covered and kept warm all the time so that you do not catch cold or cold-related diseases.

Packing List

Waterproof boots

These boots should be knee high and insulated to help you get from the cruise ship to the inhabited shores, riding in an inflatable landing boat

Pair of socks

Pack plenty of warm socks that can’t get wet. Being that Antarctica is very icy, ensure that your feet do not get cold or wet as this may give you some complication with the feet like foot root. It is advisable to take think and thin socks as the thick ones are too warm.

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Should Solo Women Travelers Pretend To Be Married?

Pros and Cons of Pretending To Be Married While Traveling

this image show solo woman traveler

Marriage is a lifetime decision you need to make. Being married does not mean that whenever you travel you hold your husband’s hands. The wedding rings, when put on, can tell that you are married. On the internet, it has been known that whenever women travel, they wear fake wedding rings. This is to show off that they are married instead they are not.

Not Relevant

In my opinion, women should or should not pretend to be married, I will tell you they should not. This is because it doesn’t bring any difference at all. The question should always be, can pretend to be married keep you safe? Some people even pretend by saying that their husband is coming to pick them. Some say they will meet them to get out of a long discussion. Most of the time this is meaningless.

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Best Things To Do in Harlem, New York City Guide

You can’t travel to a place and fail to know what are the best things included in the culture. You will always be eager to know what people do here. Also, how they carry out themselves. And, of course, visit their best structures you have only heard of or seen on television. To have the spirit of an adventurer is really of good importance as you won’t stay idle waiting to be told that you know this country is like this and this.

Things To Do Best in Harlem

  1.    Go on food and culture tour

When you get to Harlem, the first thing you should do is to take a brief tour of food and culture. When you take this tour, you will get to know their culture and history and also enjoy yummy bites along the way. You’ll get to visit the best restaurants and historic sites along the way. Your trip should not be complete without a stop at Harlem’s many   Museums.

this is a picture of harlem new york

  1.    Try soul food

This is American cuisine. Visit Sylvia’s Restaurant to get the best soul food you have never tasted.

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Kayaking in Antarctica: Everything You Need To Know


this is a picture of antarctica

Sea kayaking in Antarctica is always open for all, so long as you have the skills and passion for it. No super experience is necessary, but some basic knowledge is essential since it is no training ground for beginners.

Must-Knows When Kayaking in Antarctica

Some Antarctic ships provide various offers of kayaking as an optional add-on, but you should ensure you double check your voyage if you want to take part in it positively.

Know the cost of Kayaking in Antarctica

You should always know the cost of something before being part of it. In this case, you should know the cost of kayaking, like in Antarctica it is costly and you may not afford it on a low budget. The cost will depend on the ship you use.

How Kayaking in Antarctica works

An experienced guide, like my uncle Ned, who is also a Sacramento divorce lawyer, is given the responsibility of leading, assisting and accompanying a small kayaking group throughout. The guides ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Once all the necessary kayaking kits are allocated, the guide will make kayaking excursions available as frequent as possible if the conditions allow. The protected waters around the Antartic Peninsula makes it one of the most sought after kayaking country.

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Solo Female Travel in Mexico: Is It Safe?

this is an image of female travel in mexico is it safe

Immediately you announce that you are traveling or planning a trip to Mexico, your parents, co-workers or even relatives will say, “You know what, that country is not safe.” You will always get mixed reactions. “You are going to Mexico?” with a tone of disapproval. They always claim to care about your safety. These questions and conversations may leave in you wondering especially if the person is someone you love and respect for that matter.

Many may think that you are crazy for traveling to Mexico solo, alluding to their perception of the country as a dangerous place to be for solo female travelers. Some may tell you shocking sentiments you need not hear or listen to like“I hope you come back alive.” Such words may bring some coldness to your body. “What if you get kidnapped or even murdered?”.

Listen to the Right People

All these questions of concern must be there but always consider the source first.  Considering the source is one of the top safety tips for solo female traveling to Mexico. Different people have got their point of view about Mexico, and each of them concludes differently.

Before taking travel advice from someone, always ask yourself the following questions:

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