What To Wear in Antarctica: Packing List For Women

this image shows what to wear and pack in antartica

It is the summer season, and you feel like this time Antarctica is the place to be. Before you set out on this valuable journey to one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, you have to prepare. There are a few tips for ensuring a perfect time out there. In an icy continent like Antarctica, your body will need to be covered and kept warm all the time so that you do not catch cold or cold-related diseases.

Packing List

Waterproof boots

These boots should be knee high and insulated to help you get from the cruise ship to the inhabited shores, riding in an inflatable landing boat

Pair of socks

Pack plenty of warm socks that can’t get wet. Being that Antarctica is very icy, ensure that your feet do not get cold or wet as this may give you some complication with the feet like foot root. It is advisable to take think and thin socks as the thick ones are too warm.

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