Best Things To Do in Harlem, New York City Guide

You can’t travel to a place and fail to know what are the best things included in the culture. You will always be eager to know what people do here. Also, how they carry out themselves. And, of course, visit their best structures you have only heard of or seen on television. To have the spirit of an adventurer is really of good importance as you won’t stay idle waiting to be told that you know this country is like this and this.

Things To Do Best in Harlem

  1.    Go on food and culture tour

When you get to Harlem, the first thing you should do is to take a brief tour of food and culture. When you take this tour, you will get to know their culture and history and also enjoy yummy bites along the way. You’ll get to visit the best restaurants and historic sites along the way. Your trip should not be complete without a stop at Harlem’s many   Museums.

this is a picture of harlem new york

  1.    Try soul food

This is American cuisine. Visit Sylvia’s Restaurant to get the best soul food you have never tasted.

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